Pet Tenders Foundation

Mission Statement

To provide for the lifetime care of animals whose guardians are no longer able to do so; To assist responsible individuals and groups by providing foster care and adoptive support for rehoming animals in transition; To provide humane and environmental education.

MO Non-Profit Corporation Charter #N00554801
Federal EIN 20-0459599
501-C-3 Public Charity

Pet Tenders Foundation Programs

What makes “Our Waifs” Special…

  • If we share responsibility for a homeless animal, it will not be killed for lack of a home.
  • We will treat it as an individual, not a statistic, and do everything in our power to give it needed care and protection and insure it a good lifetime home.
  • We will try to adopt to people whose history of animal care we know, and for those we don’t know, we have an extensive application, interview, and screening process.
  • We follow-up to assure ourselves that the match is a good one and that it’s working out well, or we take the animal back!
  • We do everything we can to educate and support people to provide excellent, humane care.
  • Because our Waifs are usually in foster care for a while for rehabilitation, they are often part of bonded pairs by the time they’re ready for adoption…




Help Us

Donate a Vehicle, Boat, or RV through Click the “Charity Search” Tab

  • Click the “Charity Search” Tab
  • Click “Missouri”
  • Select the Pet Tenders Foundation

Use A Pet Tenders Foundation Capital ONE Visa Platinum Credit Card

  • Apply through
  • Foundation receives 1% of your purchases, and you receive donation documentation.
  • Select photo of Foundation Waif or upload you own pet’s photo for personalized card design!

Tax Deductible Donations – (By Check to the Foundation Office or through Pay-Pal)

  • To help sponsor particular waifs (it costs $120/month to provide routine foster care!),
  • To Honor or Memorialize a favorite pet or person (photos invited),
  • To help fund the Disaster Assistance Program, or
  • To support the general activities of the Foundation.

For further information contact: 636-629-3413 (St. Clair, MO)

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